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Sweden’s most beautiful beaches

Thursday 2 July 2020

Sweden’s most beautiful beaches

Join us on a journey to a few beach favourites

Beaches, beaches, beaches. When you think about it, it’s amazing how many splendid beaches we actually have in our elongated country. Forget the Mediterranean and discover our own white sandy beaches in Sweden, in both the east and west.


The beach to end all beaches, or least one of Sweden’s most well-known sandy beaches. Tylösand has repeatedly been crowned Sweden’s best beach. And it’s not surprising. This white strip of sand stretches four kilometres along the Halland Rivieria outside Halmstad. In summer, this is a favourite among sun worshippers and bathing enthusiasts, which includes both Halmstad residents and holidaymakers. A tip for those looking for a little peace and quiet – find a spot in one of the soft corners of the dunes. From mid-June to mid-August, there are also certified lifeguards on duty. What are you waiting for? Check in at Tylösand-Hamstad or Karlstorp-Halmstad right away, and before you know you know, you’ll be at the beach.

Östra stranden

10 points: We’re travelling south from Halland’s residential district, to a beach that has become a summer favourite among families with kids. Where are we going? Actually… We barely left Halmstad, just 5 km southward to Östra Stranden, a beach that spreads like a soft blanket of light and fine sand, right to our lovely campground, Hagön-Halmstad. The water is shallow, and therefore popular among families with kids. There is also plenty of space to play, and a huge playground by the beach. Psst … Check out @firstcamphagon on Instagram, and get a proper dose of gorgeous sunsets and beach photos.


A couple of hundred metres from the destination Kärradal-Varberg, you’ll find a lovely beach that is not only perfect for fun, sun and swimming, but also for surfing! Here you can enjoy both kitesurfing and windsurfing. Why not give it try while you’re here? There is a long stretch of shallow water, which means that the water often warms early in the season. Washrooms are right by the beach, and if you feel like ice cream, simply run up to the campsite and bring your favourite one back.

Råå Vallar

Another popular beach can be found right by our destination Råå Vallar-Helsingborg. Interesting fact: the Danish army once landed on this very beach, and you can still find traces in the defensive wall built by the city. This is also the reason for the name of the place (vallar = ramparts). Just fifty metres from the campground is the lovely beach, and its shallow water is of excellent quality for bathing. Along the beach are also several piers for those who prefer jumping into the waves. If the ocean is too cold, there is always the temperate pool in the campground!

Täppet havsbad

Swimmers who are not too keen on stinging jellyfish will be overjoyed to find this fantastic sandy beach. Here, in the brackish waters of the Baltic Sea, there is not a single one. Täppet is one of the most popular beaches on the east coast, with extensive shallow waters and fine, white sand. You can easily get here on foot by walking straight east from our destination Åhus-Kristianstad. Not too many steps for a change of scenery. The beach also has washrooms and cafés for those who want to stay all day (although you’re very close to home).

But your beach adventure doesn’t end here. If you take a look at the First Camp map, you’ll see that the majority of our destinations are located close to the water. The question is, what is your preference? Sandy beach, smooth rock slopes, the sea or a lake? Choose from nearly 40 destinations in Sweden alone. Enjoy the beach this summer ‍🏊🏼‍♂️

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