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Smart Stay

Better accommodation for innovative companies

Smart Stay is our concept of short- and long-term accommodation aimed at companies and organizations. A business traveler who is smart, comfortable and an affordable alternative to hotel residents, where you live a little more at home and take care of your own household, with free parking outside the door and close to beautiful natural areas and exercise trails.

Smart Stay offers around 400 modernly equipped cabins in city-based natural environments from Malmö in the south to Luleå in the north.

That Smart Stay has quickly become a success among companies and organizations seeking alternatives to traditional hotel accommodation is therefore not so strange.
Accommodation quality and choice at a reasonable price. It’s Smart Stay.

Smart Stay is available at the First Camp destinations below:


More information is available at smartstay.se.

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Smart Stay

Smart Stay is our concept of short- and long-term accommodation aimed at companies and...

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