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Route 3: West Sweden and Bohuslän

Varberg – Lysekil – Grebbestad – Karstad – Mariestad

The route takes its beginning at First Camp Björkäng-Varberg or perhaps you’ll start at First Camp Kärradal-Varberg. After a couple of days amongst the sand dunes and exciting excursions in Varberg’s surroundings, it’s time to move on. Maybe you have visited Varberg’s fortress or got lost in the shopping jungle at Gekås Ullared? Not to forget is the relaxing days you spent at campsite, of course!

Time for departure! Take the E6 and steer on north. On your way to Bohuslän you’ll pass the amusement park Liseberg and the city of Gothenburg. A perfect stop on the way! Once you’ve had enough of carousels and cotton candy it’s time to head out on the road again. Continue north towards Stenungsund and follow the road towards Tjörn and Orust where you’ll drive on to the ferry over to Lysekil.

Here, you check in to the pleasant West Coast destination First Camp Sivik-Lysekil. And oh boy, this little summer town has a lot to offer. Among other things, visit the saltwater aquarium Havets Hus – undeniably an excursion the family does not want to miss out on.

Time to continue your (so far) West Coast trip – drive towards Kungshamn/Smögen. On the way you will pass Nordens Ark – a wild life park where you find everything from tigers and toads to goats and geese, well worth a visit! Continue towards Smögen and visit the famous boardwalk ”Smögenbryggan”. Then continue along the coastal road past the small fishing villages of Hunnebostrand, Bovallstrand, Hamburgsund and Fjällbacka (home of Ingrid Bergman and author Camilla Läckberg), then settle down in yet another fishing village, that is, Grebbestad and check in to First Camp Edsvik-Grebbestad. Make sure to buy a kilo or two of the fresh shrimp the West Coast of Sweden is so famous for, which you’ll then enjoy in classic manors – overlooking the sunset.

When the West Coast has you saturated, head on to the world famous rock carvings in Vitlycke/Tanumshede on your way through Bullaren and on to Karlstad! Make a stop at the Aqueduct in Håverud for a well-earned ice cream break or take some time for lunch in the small city of Åmål.

Arriving in Karlstad, check in at one of the two First Camp destinations – First Camp Skutberget-Karlstad or First Camp Mörudden-Karlstad, both situated next to the beautiful Lake Vänern.

After discovering the heart (of should we say sun?) of Värmland it’s about time to experience the eastern coast of Sweden’s largest lake, Lake Vänern that is. Next stop: Mariestad! On your way to the next destination you’ll pass (although not by boat) the Göta Canal. A great spot for yet another ice cream break and scout the boats lock.

In Mariestad, check in to First Camp Ekudden-Mariestad. You will find the destination right on the edge of Lake Vänern among knotty old oaks and with a lovely sandy beach around the corner. If you’re looking for an excursion while in Mariestad, a bike ride at the archipelago island of Brommö is a good idea. Or perhaps you’ll just might go back to Göta Canal and hop on a boat?

If not, go out onto the E20 and continue south. Here you will soon go through the “fika” and potato town of Alingsås. And not far from there you will find fantastic Nääs Castle. Before you know it, you are back where you started in Varberg. Where to now?

See the destination on the map:

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The route is developed in collaboration with MeinPlatz and SWE Marketing.

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