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Route 1: Denmark & Southern Sweden

Römö – Malmö – Åhus – Karlskrona – Röstånga – Mölle – Helsingborg

The route begins at First Camp Lakolk Strand-Römö. On your way to the Öresund Bridge that later will bring you over the strait to Sweden, you’ll pass Copenhagen which is a city always worth a stop. Visit the classic Nyhavn with its colorful house facades and perhaps you’ll make time to sit down at one of the open air cafés for something to eat or drink.

Continue towards the Öresund Bridge and Malmö. Check in to First Camp Sibbarp-Malmö, a destination with beautiful views over the Öresund strait. When in Malmö visit Turning Torso – one of the highest building in the Nordics (190 meters high!). Stroll around in the Western Harbour with its restaurants and cafés with outdoor seating areas.

From Malmö, follow the road towards Trelleborg and continue on the coast road for a visit in Smygehuk – this is as far south as you can get in Sweden. Continue towards Ystad. As you’ve passed it follow the coast road to the small village Kåseberga and Ale’s Stones – Sweden’s largest and best-preserved stone ship (69 meters long & 19 meters wide, wow!).

Continue the coast road towards Simrishamn and the fishing harbour. Perharps you’ll pay a visit to Glimmingehus as well? Glimmingehus is the best-preserved medieval castle in the Nordics.

Then, continue towards Åhus and pay a visit to the Absolut Experience at the Åhus Villa. Stay the night at First Camp Åhus-Kristianstad. Now, take your time to relax after a couple of adventurous days. Relax by the beach or pay a visit to the 560 square meters large spa area. No stress.

Continue the coast road towards Mörrum. The salmon fishing in Mörrum river is world famous! But hey, don’t forget about the fishing licence. When you’re fishing, continue towards Karlshamn and visit Eriksberg, which is one of northern Europe’s largest wildlife reserves. Bring your binoculars!

Follow the road to Karlskrona and stay overnight at First Camp Skönstavik-Karlskrona. Visit the Naval Museum and experience the archipelago with all its islands (1993 islands and islets to be exact).

The following day drive towards Röstånga and Söderåsen Nationalpark and check in to First Camp Röstånga-Söderåsen. Except for the breathtaking nature in the nationalpark you got a real golden destination on your hands. A true family campsite where no one goes without something to do.

Continue driving towards Helsingborg and drive a round tour to Kullaberg with breathtaking slopes and vast views over Kattegat, Kullen Lighthouse and the small village of Mölle. Stay the night at First Camp Mölle-Höganäs for continuous exploration of the area, or continue to Helsingborg and First Camp Råå Vallar-Helsingborg.

When you’re feeling ready to leave, take the ferry from Helsingborg to Helsingör (Elsinore in English). Drive toward Copenhagen again and you’ll pass the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and in Copenhagen the famous statue “Den Lille Havfruen” who’s sitting on a rock at the waterfront.

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The route is devoloped in collaboration with Mein Platz and SWE Marketing.

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