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Why should I give out my email address when making a booking?

All Bookings are confirmed via email. Besides we would like to send you an ‘after-visit’ comment form as we normally monitor our guests comments. Many of our guests would also like information about any special offers we have, but you can also unsubscribe from this if you wish to.

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Europe's largest camping alliance

Have you enjoyed the experiences at First Camp’s Swedish destinations? Perhaps you have even...

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First Camp Bistro

First Camp Bistro is located in five of our destinations in Sweden, from Umeå in the north to...

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Seasonal guests at First Camp

Do you think the summer sometimes feels too short? Extend your summer and set up the caravan...

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Camping Tour Ticket

With the Camping Tour Ticket you can discover 29 destinations in Sweden, Denmark, at the Regenbogen...

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Smart Stay

Smart Stay is our concept of short- and long-term accommodation aimed at companies and...

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Midsummer celebrations at First Camp

How about celebrating Swedish midsummer on a camping this year? At First Camp you will find...

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