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Guide to your new favourite destination

What do the symbols actually mean? Our destinations are graded with three or four First Camp symbols, as well as the designation First Camp Premium, which is the highest classification. Perhaps you have already noticed this when you have clicked around the website and looked through our different destinations? The classification is provided as a guide to help you easily get a quick idea of the destination in question and help you find your next destination.

The assessment of the destinations is our own and is based on an overall assessment of everything from standard and service to the location of the destination and facilities in the area. We always base the assessment on the conditions at the particular destination, which may mean that campsites with the same classification can have different standards at different destinations. After all, there is only one First Camp Hagön – Halmstad, one First Camp Nora – Bergslagen and one First Camp Ekudden – Mariestad.

The classification should be used as a guide when looking for your next destination and should not be confused with the term “official category”. We recommend that you read more about what the destination offers to be sure that it meets your specific requirements. Read more about the ratings and see the destinations by clicking on the promotions below.

Great destinations, all with their own unique charm. Often with some facilities and a certain range of services.


Better destinations that often have many on-site facilities and great location!

Our best destinations! Unique locations close to bathing places. Often with an extensive range of services and fine facilities. You will want to stay here for a long time. First Camp Premium corresponds to five symbols.

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