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Fishing trips in Sweden

You don’t need to travel far to experience world class fishing. Many of our destinations, almost all in fact, have excellent fishing spots just around the corner. And there is a wide variety of both natural surroundings and species of fish in the waters. Whether you’re looking to catch giant pike or have a craving for fresh grilled mackerel or sea trout, there is a destination suited to your fishing interests.

We offer convenient and quite frankly awesome accommodations close to some of Sweden’s finest fishing waters. Our modern cabins have plenty of space for the entire sport fishing club, a gang of friends, or the whole family. We’re talking about lots of room for all your fishing rods, tackle boxes, boots, bait and whatever else you have.

And yes, anyone can go fishing. You do not need to be a professional or own all sorts of equipment to enjoy fishing here. There are sport fishing clubs and special fishing shops nearby that are happy to help. In Hökensås, you can subscribe to an entire lake for maximum fishing atmosphere and catch. How about that?

Book your next fishing trip in Sweden today – because even a lousy fishing day is better than a day at work, on any day of the week 🎣

Destinations for your next fishing trip in Sweden

Hökensås - Tidaholm

Fishing package at Hökensås

Hökensås is widely known for its fishing. The sport fishing club is also located at the destination, and has loads of tips and ideas to offer. The best part about booking a fishing trip to Hökensås? Just give a shout to reception, and a hot sauna will be waiting for you when you return from the day’s fishing.

  • Opening hours

    The destination is open all year round

Gunnarsö - Oskarshamn

East coast fishing

Gunnarsö-Oskarshamn has an superb location for all types of fishing experiences. With an accommodation booked at Gunnarsö, you have the perfect starting point for both east coast fishing and fishing on the Emån river, which boasts repeated world record trout weights. Learn more and book your next fishing trip today.

  • Opening hours

    The destination is open all year round

Oknö - Mönsterås

Fishing trip to Mönsterås

Fishing in Mönsterås has the advantage of varied surroundings and innumerable species of fish.  In addition to excellent pike fishing here at Oknö, you can also find Sweden’s best perch fishing and record-breaking sea trout fishing. And best of all, the perfect accommodations at Oknö-Mönsterås.

  • Opening hours

    The destination is open 26 March – 26 September 2021

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