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Camping life with that extra touch of gold ūüĆü

First Camp Gold is our highest membership level for members who really love the camping life. Gold membership is proof of the fact that you enjoy nothing more than spending all your free time at your favourite destination, or that you are a true adventurer at heart who loves to discover unique new locations during all seasons of the year! ūüôĆ First Camp Gold is exactly what it sounds like ‚Äď a truly golden level of membership with sparkling discounts, offers and benefits, all designed to provide you with maximum enjoyment and that extra little touch of luxury. Read on to find out more about all the great things we offer our most loyal members… Let‚Äôs go! ūüėÉ

We reserve the right to make changes.

Pick your favourite spot

Do you have a favourite camping spot that you would like to use time and again? Or perhaps a friend has told you about a completely unique spot close to the water or with amazing views? As a Gold member, you have the possibility to choose your very own favourite spot during your holiday ‚Äď completely free of charge!

This Gold benefit applies to camping pitches and cabins at ALL our destinations*. Hurrah! To pre-book your favourite spot, you must call our Contact Centre on 0771 101 200. After completing the online booking, contact us and we will help you utilise your Gold benefit to book your favourite spot ūüėÉ

*Subject to availability.

Gold coupon book with unique offers

As a Gold member, you receive a little extra of everything. For example, your very own, completely unique Gold coupon book will be sent to you at your home address. The Gold coupon book contains loads of great discounts that you can use before, during and after your camping holiday.

Invite a friend to accompany you at a cheaper price, treat yourself to a free ice cream, or enjoy awesome discounts on activities and facilities. The Gold coupon book is a bit like a bag of Pick & Mix for the camping enthusiast ‚Äď it has something for everyone, and everything is designed for maximum camping enjoyment!

*All Gold members will receive their Gold coupon book in the post during the spring. If you are upgraded to Gold membership later in the year, you will receive your Gold coupon book prior to the following season.

Free tank emptying & water refill

From 12.00 each day, as a Gold member you can drop by and empty your tank and refill your water completely free of charge! This applies at ALL our destinations, regardless of whether you are enjoying the rugged beauty of northern Sweden or holidaying in the south of Denmark.

This Gold benefit cannot be pre-booked ‚Äď you must book it on site in the reception area at the selected destination. During the time your home is on the road, you are welcome to empty your tank and refill your water at any of our 55+ destinations! ūüĎŹ

Delicious club discounts in the bistro

Treat yourself to a little extra touch of luxury during your holiday by taking advantage of our great (and not least delicious!) club discounts on selected meals in the bistro. When you purchase a main course, you receive a discount on e.g. the children‚Äôs menu, starters, desserts, drinks, or how about half price on a super yummy Yessi dessert ‚Äď the perfect surprise for all small campers! Available at selected Swedish destinations*.

Utilise the discounts by ordering through bistro online or by scanning the QR code that can be found on each table in our bistro. This offer is available when you place your order and pay directly via your phone. And please remember that you must log in with your First Camp Club login in order for the offers to be registered.

*Available at Ånnaboda, Skutberget, Sibbarp, Tylösand, Kolmården, Hagön, Västerås, Gunnarsö, Råå Vallar, Björknäs, Nydala, Mölle, Torekov, Kärradal, Röstånga, Bredsand, Stensö, Ekudden, Björkäng, Oknö, Löttorp, Moraparken, Mellsta and Skönstavik.

Snooze before your trip home ‚Äď with late check-out

Who wouldn‚Äôt want to extend that wonderful holiday feeling a little longer? For that little extra touch of luxury and camping pleasure, why not treat yourself to a refreshing lie-in before the trip home? As a member, you can enjoy late check-out at 16.00 on your day of departure ‚Äď completely free of charge! Available at all destinations for members staying in a motorhome, caravan or tent.

You can enjoy this snoozy benefit on your day of departure whenever and how often you want during the year, with the exception of weeks 27‚Äď32. Just remember to tell our reception staff at check-in that you want to utilise this offer*. What could be better than a nice long lie-in to round off your stay?!

*Subject to availability. Cannot be pre-booked, and not applicable during weeks 27‚Äď32. Only applicable to camping pitches.

Pre-book breakfast rolls

Make sure of a delicious breakfast to start your camping day in the best possible way. During peak season, when a delicious breakfast is just the thing to get you started, you, as a member, can both pre-book and pay for your breakfast rolls directly online. Available during weeks 25‚Äď32 at selected Swedish destinations*.

Book your breakfast rolls through bistro online, select the number of rolls and the day they are to be collected, and pay. PLEASE NOTE: breakfast rolls can not be booked and collected on the same day. We will send you a booking confirmation with details of when and where you can collect your rolls. Quick, simple and convenient!

*Available at Ånnaboda, Skutberget, Sibbarp, Tylösand, Kolmården, Hagön, Västerås, Gunnarsö, Råå Vallar, Björknäs, Nydala, Mölle, Torekov, Kärradal, Röstånga, Bredsand, Stensö, Ekudden, Björkäng, Oknö, Löttorp, Åhus and Moraparken.

Free coffee/tea at check-in

Enjoy a really great start to your camping holiday. Complete a stress-free check-in while relaxing with a refreshing cup of coffee or tea ‚Äď completely free of charge! Perfect after a long journey, or if you simply love a good cup of coffee or tea. This offer is available at selected destinations*. By the way ‚Äď take your time and treat yourself to a refill if you so wish! ūüėČ

Psst… Are there any non-members in your group? Why not tell them to also become members so that you can all enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee/tea together!

*This offer is not available at Bredsand, Ånnaboda, Nora, Falun, Frösön, Mörudden, Mellsta, Sundsvall, Stockholm, Glyttinge.

Earn and pay with points

The more camping adventures you enjoy, the more points you earn! For every booking you make, you earn points equivalent to 5% of the accommodation value, regardless of whether you book online, via the phone or on site in our reception area. What’s more, all the points you earn are saved for no less than three years!

So what can you do with the points you earn? You can use them to pay when you book your next adventure. Quite simply, your very own personal discount. Hurrah! ūüôĆ

Priority for great offers

There‚Äôs nothing better than receiving a really great offer, right? We agree! As a member of First Camp Club, you have access to loads of unique and great deals and campaigns ‚Äď with priority ahead of everyone else! Secure your holiday at the best possible price, book your very own favourite spot and enjoy the extra priority that membership entails.

As a member, you also receive unique discounts not available to non-members. What’s more, you receive loads of inspirational and useful tips prior to your camping holiday.

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