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The largest activity programme in camping Sweden

More than 5,500 activities and thousands of hours of fun 

Freedom, barbecue evenings, nature experiences, good friends, laughter, special holidays, well, camping is all that and then some… In 25 select destinations, you can enjoy a packed activity programme – greater than ever before – during all the best holiday weeks of the summer. 

Just listen here: 144 yoga sessions will be conducted, 288 evening shows are on the schedule, and there will be more than 2,300 opportunities to meet Yessi. This summer comes with an activity bonanza you have never seen before! Because everyone deserves a summer filled with laughter, new memories, and adventure, regardless of whether you visit us for one or several nights. Naturally, all activities are free for our guests. We want everyone to join us!

The programme features stellar entertainment in the form of exciting quizzes and extraordinary shows as well as fun and educational kids’ club activities together with the lucky animal Yessi. In addition, our fitness sessions are making a comeback, now with even more empowering workouts. Click on the links below to learn more about our activities!

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Activity Programme weeks 27–32

This year’s activity programme features 38 fun activities six days a week for both young and old campers. Yessi will come sneaking out of the woods and visit as many as 16 of these to play with the kids.

At First Camp, we always follow the advice and recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden and adapt our activities accordingly so that they can be carried out in a safe manner. The programme is therefore subject to change. More information to come.

10:00 HIIT
13:30 Meet & Greet with Yessi
14:15 Yessi’s Treasure Hunt
15:15 FC Yessi
16:15 Crafts
17:15  12+ Club
20:00 Quiz

10:00 Yoga
13:30 Meet & Greet with Yessi
14:15 Energy Detectives
15:15 Balloon Modelling
16:15 Art Ache
17:15 Dance Show

10:00 Circuit Training
13:30 Meet & Greet with Yessi
14:15 First Camp Race
15:15 FC Yessi
16:15 Crafts
17:15 12+ Club
20:00 Quiz

10:00 Dance
13:30 Meet & Greet with Yessi
14:15 Yessi’s Gymnastics
15:15 Yessi’s Favourite Games
16:15 Yessi’s Treasure Hunt
17:15 Dance Show

13:30 Meet & Greet with Yessi
14:15 Art Ache
15:15 Balloon Modelling
16:15 Disco Time
17:15 Squirrel Carnival
20:00 Show

13:30 PM Meet & Greet with Yessi
14:15 PM Energy Detectives
15:15 PM Yessi’s Gymnastics
16:15 PM Yessi’s Favourite Games
17:15 PM Dance Show
20:00 PM Show

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