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Dream about warm summer nights

Plan your summer holiday now

Do you want to secure the best price possible and at the same time have the opportunity to choose your favorite spot at the campsite? For you do know that when you book, you also have the opportunity to choose your very own spot, right? Perhaps you’d like to live next door to your best friends? Or, have the best view for when it’s time for your morning coffee?

Make sure to book your summer holiday in time. Not only can you relax when the holiday is signed, sealed (and almost delivered) – but you also get something to look forward to. And even the darkest days ahead you’ll get to dream about sand between your toes, the smell of summer barbeque and other exciting adventures.

Book with Flex

But, what happens if the sea floods, mom breaks her toe or if an avalache suddenly swooches in to your living room you’re wondering. No problem. With the option of booking with Flex you can cancel – for whatever reason – until 15:00 the day before arrival. Now, how great is that?

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