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Kids Club

It is only at First Camp you can actually meet a ‘lucky animal’. Our cool host Yessi welcomes all children to the best holiday in the whole world, so it’s high time to get ready for lots of fun and games with the squirrel Yessi and her kids club this summer!

She has filled the kids club programme to the max and promises to go on adventures with all the children as often as possible. Yessi is a ‘lucky animal’ because she spreads luck through her magic cuddles*, her music, activities and knowledge – which her best friends, the children, will keep with them for a long time. Click here to learn more about her!

Our fantastic animations team works hard leading activities to create experiences and adventures for the children. Remember, it’s a good idea for parents to be close by – just in case! Kids club is free of charge for all our small campers!

Programme weeks 27 to 32

14:00 Sandcastle competition
15.30 Playdough workshop
17.00 Kids music quiz

13.00 Meet and greet
14.00 Treasure hunt
15.30 Running race
17.00 Football match
19.00 Kids show – sing and dance with us

14.00 Football match
15.30 Arts & crafts
17.00 Kids music quiz

14.00 Environmental champions
15.00 Meet and greet
15.30 Balloon figures
17.00 Arts & crafts
19.00 Kids show – sing and dance with us

14.00 Treasure hunt
15.30 Friday feeling & carnival
16.30 Meet and greet
17.00 Disco

14.00 Yessi surprise
15.30 Cake party
17.00 Kids show – sing and dance with us

*Of course Yessi follows all the Swedish Health Authority guidelines and we reserve the right to change the programme if needs be. First Camp and Yessi care about our friends and will always put health and safety first.

We reserve the right to make any changes to the program

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