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Practical information

Practical information

At First Camp Bogense City – Funen you can camp all year round. We are open in winter on part of the square. At the campsite we have a popular swimming pool, playgrounds and children’s club. Here you can also visit the Bogense swimming pool.

Whether you want to go for a walk in the forest, a drive in beautiful surroundings or a swim at the beach, it can be done in Bogense. There is something here for both nature lovers and city dwellers, as Bogense, despite its modest size, has many different shops, restaurants and supermarkets.

Bogense has preserved the town’s historic buildings and atmosphere, but at the same time has not grown stuck in old habits. Thus, in Bogense, one finds far-sighted thoughts about urban planning and development without forgetting the fun.

First Camp Bogense City – Funen is five minutes’ walk from the harbour, beach, marina and the town centre. We do everything to create the right environment for you and your family when you choose to holiday with us. Regardless of whether you are looking for a holiday with quiet coziness or a walk in the streets, Bogense and First Camp Bogense City is the right place.

Welcome to a breathtaking city – a gem on Funen!

Service buildings
950m2 of beautifully decorated and modern rooms are at your disposal when you stay at First Camp Bogense City-Fyn.

Kitchens, bathroom and toilet facilities are all kept in the same southern style, which invites you to use the buildings and feel comfortable doing so.

We know that it is most relaxing when everything is clean, tidy and neat. We make an effort to ensure that all buildings appear exactly like this. Inside and out, we make a point of scrubbing, scrubbing and polishing so you can just enjoy your holiday.

There is something here for everyone. Bathrooms for the smallest, large toilet building and bathroom/toilet room in one, for those who want just that.

All rooms have beautiful lighting, mirrors and tiles that emphasize the luxury you would like to feel provided for when using the facilities.

We have thought of the smallest in the family
Not all children like to take a bath. But what if the bathtub is a log that is being hollowed out by naughty worms and the bathtub is at a height that means that neither mother nor father has to squat down to help?

In the large toilet room and bathroom for children, all sinks and toilets are at child height. The doors to the toilets are designed so that unlucky rollers do not get locked inside.

There are three small showers and changing tables, so families with small children have just the right place to take care of the little ones.

Opening hours and seasons
The campsite is open all year round. It is possible to use our self-service at check-in / check-out.

You can check in with/without a reservation. You can always get in touch with us if something goes wrong or does not work as expected.

The beam is open at 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. Traffic on the site outside this time is only permitted in an emergency.

Swimming pool and outdoor pool
As a guest at First Camp Bogense City-Fyn, all overnight guests can use the Bogense swimming pool and our outdoor pool at favorable prices.

Activities - at First Camp

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