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Practical information

Service buildings

950 m2 modern and beautifully decorated rooms are at your disposal when visiting First Camp Bogense City.

Our service buildings – kitchens, showers and toilets – are all kept in the same architectonic and exotic style that feels appealing and makes guests want to take use of the buildings and feel at ease thereby.

We know that it feels the most relaxing when everything is neat, clean and in order and we take great care that all buildings appear just as such. Both inside and outside we take great care to scrub and polish so you do not have to think about that but just enjoy your vacation for which we like to provide the surroundings.

Here is something for everyone – bathrooms for the youngest, large toilet facilities and bathroom/toilet in one closed room for those who want just that.

In every room there are beautiful tiles, mirrors and lighting that emphasizes the luxury we try to make you feel when using the facilities.

Outside the buildings we seek to have pots with seasonal flowers so the outdoor and indoor go together in terms of the feeling of comfort and well-being.

We have also thought about the smallest in the family

Not all children like to get baths but what if the bathtub is a tree trunk with funny worms in it and the bathtub is raised so mom or dad do not need to get on their knees to help? Then maybe it is not so bad but could maybe even be fun!

In the big bathroom and toilet room for children all of the sinks are in children’s height and the same is the toilets. The doors to the toilets are made so that unlucky kids cannot get locked in.

Furthermore, are there installed three small showers and changing tables so the family with small children have the right place to go take care of the smallest.

Opening hours

The campground is open all year and it is possible to use our self service at check in / out.

You can check in with or without a reservation and you can always get in touch with us if something goes wrong or does not work as expected.

The gate is open from  7.00 – 23.00. Traffic in the square outside this period is only allowed in an emergency.


It is a pleasure to have good  wifi connections – even when on vacation.
That’s why we’ve just expanded our wireless network, so you can get online anywhere at the campsite. The hotspots are connected with fiber connection to the Internet with lots of bandwidth.

Access Codes can be obtained in the reception.

WiFi connection is free


First Camp Bogense City
Vestre Engvej 11
5400 Bogense

Phone +45 64 81 35 08

Check out our opening hours here



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