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Mountain biking in spring and autumn

Wednesday 19 August 2020

Mountain biking in spring and autumn

Find your next MTB destination

Swedish nature is unsurpassed, and a cyclist’s best friend. Nature and the terrain is in many ways made for mountain biking, and the fact that nature soon changes its colours makes the experience even better. We have several destinations that provide good conditions for cycling enthusiasts. Whether you long for rough, rocky trails, mud holes, and narrow, wooden footbridges, or prefer to follow signposted roads and winding paths in flat terrain. We can guide you to your next cycling destination.

Mountain biking at Kilsbergen

At First Camp Ånnaboda-Örebro, you have cycling opportunities right outside your door. There are mountain bike trails suited for beginners and families with kids, as well as for experiencing cyclists. Get an authentic wilderness experience with unique proximity to the varied nature of Kilsbergen. Put your strength and skills to the test on trails that take you around ancient hillforts, shingle beaches, and up and down the steep hills of Kilsbergen. You can live in smack in the middle. Choose between a fully equipped cabin in the cabin village or the peace of a campsite. If you don’t have your own MTB, you can rent one at the destination!

MTB at Lugnet – plenty of excitement

Welcome to a cycling paradise for adrenaline junkies! Everything is within 500 metres from our destination First Camp Lugnet-Falun. The winter season offers good skiing, but in the autumn and spring, the area is transformed to a fantastic arena for MTB enthusiasts. Trails in Lugnet start at the World Cup arena and lead out to the Lugnet nature reserve, which offers a great combination of natural single tracks, man-made trails and beautiful lookout points.

Cycling in Skåne’s National Park

First Camp Röstånga-Söderåsen is just a stone’s throw from, or rather adjacent to Söderåsen National Park. Given its excellent location, it is the perfect adventure accommodation for the whole family. Especially if you want to experience spectacular nature and enjoyable cycling. The Klåveröd area on the other side of the park has numerous opportunities for cyclists. With its winding paths, often over roots and rocks, this MTB loop is worth a try for cyclists who aren’t looking for anything too extreme.

Mountain biking at Skutberget

Whiz through Skutberget’s pine heathland on your mountain bike! A marvellous area for those who love speed and action. The path is nearly 9 km long, and offers both rough, rocky sections, slippery mud holes, and flow trails. The path starts through Skutberget’s disc golf field by First Camp Skutberget-Karlstad. This is actually perfect activity when you’re not busy cycling, no matter what season!

Mountain biking at Kullaberg and Mölle

A beautiful, challenging and varied terrain for cycling awaits at Kullaberg! The area combines gravel roads with tight single tracks and technical sections. If your legs are strong enough to cycle all the way up, there is a magnificent view on top Mount Håkull. Take a moment to enjoy it before your downhill ride. Stay at the pleasant First Camp Mölle-Höganäs, where you can relax in peace and quiet in one of the charming cabins, or in the comfort of your own home on wheels.

Mountain bike perfection at Blomstermåla

Combine mountain biking with scenic beauty and island camping at First Camp Oknö-Mönsterås. Just a short drive from the destination at Oknö you will find Blomstermåla and the Långehäll recreational area. This is the perfect place for any MTB enthusiast. Choose from easy cycling trails for beginners to more challenging and technical trails for more experienced cyclists. And best of all? There are additional loops for those who want to practice their technique, including jumps, constructed ramps, pump tracks, and more!

Mountain biking between Halland and Skåne

That’s right, on the north slope of Hallandsåsen, you’ll find superb MTB cycling terrain. With accommodations in the middle of the Swedish Riviera, you’ll have the perfect location for a trip that combines cycling, hiking and city fun in Halmstad. From First Camp Hagön-Halmstad, it takes roughly 40 minutes to reach Vallåsen Bike Park. Take the chairlift to the top, and choose between as many as ten different tracks, with varying degrees of difficulty.

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