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Cycling holiday at Oknö and Born

Discover beautiful Oknö by bike in May! Or why not discover the German city Born on two wheels? Oknö is a beautiful island located outside Mönsterås on the Swedish east coast. In addition to beautiful nature, the island has many attractions, ideal for cycling. Mönsterås is also known to be something of a mountain biking paradise so a cycling holiday in the area offers something for all tastes, for those who prefer to take a peaceful bike ride with the family, as well as the athlete who wants to go out in the woods for a tougher bike pass.

Now you can book a cabin weekend in May from 1200 sek and camping pitch for a weekend from 390 sek! Do you want to travel further away? Our partner Regenbogen in Germany offers trips to the cycling paradise Born. The resort is located next to the beautiful beach of the Baltic Sea and the Tarnewitzer forest.

Here are our 3 best tips at Oknö:

  1. Cycle to Kronobäcks Klosterruin (shorter trip)
  2. Mountain biking trails in Blomstermåla
  3. Bike along Alsterån to Pataholm (longer trip)

Here are our 3 best tips at Born:

  1. Explore the “Fischland-Darß”
  2. Stage Number 8 of the Baltic Sea bike trail is crossing our campiste in Born.
  3. Expore the magnificent surroundings with beautiful villages and georgeus buildings

Prices in May
Cabin: Fri-Sun, from 1200 sek (155 EUR in Born)
Cabin: Mon-Sun, from 3600 sek (543 EUR in Born)
Camping pitch: Fri-Sun, from 390 sek (67 EUR in Born)
Camping pitch: Mon-Sun, from 1200 sek (233 EUR in Born)

Book your cycling holiday in Oknö or book your holiday in Born through Regenbogens website.

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