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Camping fun with Yessi

30 adventures, 6 days a week, at 24 destinations

The largest Kids’ Club in camping Sweden is back with more activities than ever before! At 24 destinations, from week 27 to 32, we invite you to an activity bonanza like no other. Young and old campers come together in Yessi’s Kids’ Club 30 times a week to go on fun adventures.

In more than half of the activities offered for kids, movement is in focus, and, of course, we also have great focus on the environment. Yessi, as the nature friend she is, has created new adventures in the form of the Energy Detectives and Art Ache, where the kids learn more about sustainability and the environment in a fun and exciting way! Another piece of fun news for the season is that all campers age 12+ now get their own time to hang out together. Younger siblings are not allowed! Learn more about all our activities here 👇🏼

About the activities

Meet & Greet with Yessi
Take the opportunity to meet Yessi! Dance to her very own song “Campa med oss” (“Camp with us”), take a selfie, and have fun together! Feel free to use #sägyessi and #campinglycka when posting pictures on social media. Yessi loves to look back at all the unbeatable memories created in the meeting with friends.

Yessi’s Treasure Hunt
Yessi is good at hiding things up in the trees. And now, it’s time for the kids to go treasure hunting. Find the hidden treasure by following Yessi’s clues, working together to solve the challenges, and having bundles of fun along the way! Exciting, uh?

Balloon Modelling
Balloons make everyone happy! Even more so when the balloon is in the shape of a flower, a Yessi heart, or why not a cute dog?

Yessi’s Favourite Games
Think about all the fun games there are to play! The game leaders have found Yessi’s favourite games list and, naturally, they want to try them out with all the playful kids.

Energy Detectives
Someone is turning on all the lights, leaving the music on, the faucets dripping, and even throwing garbage in nature! We certainly can’t have that – not if Yessi, or us humans for that matter, want to have somewhere to live in the future. Come along on an exciting adventure with Yessi and catch that energy thief!

FC Yessi
Time to play some football. Everyone can join in. Those on the side-line can cheer the players on.

Squirrel Carnival
You may not know this, but the squirrel carnival is a centuries-old tradition that once a week gathers all the squirrels in the trees for a super-fun squirrel carnival! They dance from tree to tree, dress up in funny acorn hats, and wave to all the animals down on the ground. In our squirrel carnival, we stay on the ground, but we create the same magical atmosphere that we spread throughout the campsite with our squirrel parade led by Yessi. Everyone is welcome to join!

12+ Club
Constantly having your little sister following you around is not always great fun. How nice then to hang out with your friends alone for a couple of hours every week. Everyone here is 12+, and no younger siblings are allowed. We hang, play “kubb”, or maybe “brännboll” if we feel like that.

Dance Show
The “squirrelography” is perfect in this kids’ show that invites to dancing. Our game leaders tell stories about their adventures with Yessi and all the crazy things they have seen on their travels. This turns into cool dances that we dance together and, wow, what a show! Join us and learn the squirrelography, or just come for the show! Everyone is invited to the party!

Disco Time
Dance, pause! Or rather, dance, dance! Can you dance like Yessi or wiggle that long, fluffy tail? Most probably, you can at least shuffle and dance the ugly dance! Fun dancing games and sweet moves make for an awesome disco every Friday. Perfect for getting in that weekend mood!

Yessi’s Arts and Crafts
We paint, bead, make crafts, and bring out the artist in us. Every week, Yessi has a new fun theme that we create around together.

First Camp Race
Stockholm Marathon, the Gothenburg Race, and all the other races better watch out, because here comes the First Camp Race! One trail for adults and one for kids to run in our beautiful nature. We warm up properly before the race with both dancing and stretching, and then it’s all Ready, Set, Run! Of course, you get a cool medal from Yessi when you cross the finish line.

Art Ache
Yessi has the worst art ache! Not sure what that is? It’s sort of like having an ache for pastries. You know, when you’re craving something sweet so badly that you simply have to bake! When you suffer from art ache, you simply have to make art. Since Yessi is a squirrel and lives in nature, we help her recycle what nature leaves for us or what humans accidently leave in nature – because garbage, as we all know, belongs in the garbage bin. Once we’ve cured Yessi’s art ache, magnificent works of art await!

Yessi’s Gymnastics
What fun it is to do somersaults, jump, and challenge yourself in different movements! Yessi’s Gymnastics suits everyone who finds it boring to sit still and who loves having fun regardless of age. NOTE! Warning for spontaneous twitching of the tail during this activity.

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