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Camping fun with Yessi

39 adventures, 6 days a week, at 39 destinations

More kids’ club activities than ever before await you this summer! From week 27 to 32, as many as 39 of our destinations in Sweden and Denmark invite you to an activity bonanza like no other! Young and old campers come together in Yessi’s Kids’ Club 39 times a week to go on fun adventures. See the whole activityprogram here!

In more than half of the activities offered for kids, movement is in focus, and, of course, we also have great focus on the environment. Yessi, as the nature friend she is, has created adventures in the form of the Energy Detectives where the kids learn more about sustainability and the environment in a fun and exciting way! Learn more about all our activities here ??

About the activities

Meet & Greet with Yessi – Here’s your chance to get some Yessi love! Come get a hug, a high-five, or just feel Yessi’s soft fur. Of course, we play Yessi’s own song “Campa med oss” (“Camp with Us”), dance the Yessi Dance, and spread some #campingjoy with photo ops for those unbeatable holiday pics!

Dance Show with the Yessi Crew – The “squirrelography” is perfect in this kids’ show that encourages dancing! Our artists, or, as we call them, the Yessi Crew, share some of the adventures they’ve had with Yessi and all the madness they’ve run into. Come dance and have fun with us!

Balloon Modelling – Balloons make everyone happy! So naturally, Yessi has decided that the campsite should be filled with balloons. But not just any balloons – balloon figures! Just imagine the joy of a beautiful flower, a cute dog, or why not a Yessi heart? Join us for 100% balloon joy!

Yessi’ Treasure Hunt – As you know, Yessi is a squirrel, and squirrels are great at hiding things. Kids, on the other hand, are super-finders, so Yessi has made an exciting treasure hunt for all the kids to go on. We go hunting and looking for clues that she has hid in nature. Each clue contains a tricky and fun challenge that the kids must solve together in order to continue to the next clue. A fun and engaging activity with lots of excitement.

Music Quiz 12+ – LOOK THIS WAY IF YOU ARE OVER THE AGE OF 12! This is the place for you. No younger siblings, no kids crying, and no Legos to step on. We simply listen to good music, divide into two groups with each group making a fun music quiz of our favourite songs, and challenge each other. Nice and relaxing, good music, and loads of fun!

Cosy Crafts – We paint, bead, make crafts, and bring out the artist in us. Every week, Yessi comes up with a new, fun theme that we base our crafts on!

Yessi’s Friends’ Club! – You know what? Yessi is magical. The heart on her forehead is not only cute but also spreads love and warmth to all those who need it. Maybe you’re feeling low, maybe you weren’t invited to play, or maybe you feel scared and lonely for some other reason. Well, EVERYONE is welcome to Yessi’s Friends’ Club! In Yessi’s world, ALL humans and squirrels are equally valuable – just as they should be. So, what do we do in this club, you ask? Well, that’s a secret, of course!

First Camp Race – Stockholm Marathon, the Gothenburg Race, and all the other races better watch out, because here comes the First Camp Race! One trail for adults (about 2 km) and one for kids (about 1 km) to run out in our beautiful nature. We warm up properly before the race with both dancing and stretching, and then it’s all Ready, Set, Run! Of course, you get a cool medal from Yessi when you cross the finish line.

Squirrel Carnival – You may not know this, but it is a centuries old tradition for all the squirrels to gather in the trees once a week for a true squirrel carnival! They dance from tree to tree, dress up in funny hats that they’ve made of acorns, and wave to all the moose, deer, and other animals down on the ground. In our squirrel carnival, we stay on the ground, but we create the same magical atmosphere that we spread throughout the campsite with our squirrel parade led by Yessi.

It’s Yessi’s Birthday! – Hooray, hooray, hooray, hooray!!! You know that squirrels have birthdays every week, right? It’s an ancient tradition. And Yessi LOVES to celebrate her birthday. There will be a party with all that comes with it, and, of course, lots of surprises! If you’re invited? EVERYONE is invited to Yessi’s party.

Disco – Dance, pause! Or rather, dance, dance! Can you dance like Yessi, and wiggle that long, fluffy tail? Maybe you are awesome at spinning or shuffling, or doing a great ugly dance? Fun dancing games and sweet moves make for an awesome disco every Saturday. Perfect for getting in that weekend mood!

Yessi’s Dance Show – We dance, shake about, and have the best time in this fast-paced dance show that invites everyone to dance! Favourites like “Campa med oss” and the First Camp Song will be played, of course, along with the very best kids’ party songs. Let’s dance!

The Show of Yessi – Yessi lives here on the campsite with us. She is our very best friend. But how did she end up here, and what is a lucky animal anyway? Come listen to Yessi share her story in an action-packed show with singing and dancing.