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Blïx Kids Club

Blïx Kids Club – extraterrestrial fun seven days a week

Blix is our own mascot who lands with his spaceship every summer, weeks 27-32. Strangely, he lands in all our destinations at the same time.  At the speed of light, he arranges treasure hunts, face painting, hide and seek, surprises, pentathlons, baseball, games, puzzles and much more several times a day, seven days a week.

Even though Blix has galactical superpowers, he can’t be in Kärradal-Varberg and Oknö-Mönsterås as much as in our other locations. But even when Blix is gone for a while, he usually leaves playrooms, drawing pads and other things that kids like.

Another Blix superpower is that every Saturday is his birthday! And he loves parties. Cakes, ice cream, cookies… Blix celebrates his birthday in many fun and delicious ways.

Blix Kids Club is perfect for human kids to find new friends. Blix has staff who are trained in leading kids activities and creating experiences and adventure. Blix and the staff focus on leading games and mischief. Our Kids Club does not provide childcare, so parents must be available if kids need them.

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