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Complaints & Feedback

NB! This form cannot be used to cancel or refund bookings.

Have you just checked in and wish to file a complaint? Then you must immediately contact the staff at your destination, by visiting or phoning reception (the number can be found on your booking confirmation), as most reported incidents can be resolved directly on site. If reception is unmanned, you will be forwarded to the Contact Centre/Service 0771-101 200.


  • You must have reported the issue to First Camp’s staff during your stay (via email hej@firstcamp.se if there is no available staff on site) in order to receive compensation afterwards. If we are not given the opportunity to remedy a possible incident, you will not be entitled to any compensation, according to the booking terms and conditions and industry practice.

  • Your comments must be received no later than two months after you return home.

  • If the incident involves illness, theft or injury, you must contact your insurance company.

  • The processing time for complaints is approximately 2 weeks.

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Incident during the stay

Please state the incident that occurred.

In order to process your case, we ask that you choose the area you think is most appropriate and the category in which the incident occurred.

Vänlig beskriv ditt ärende

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    Important information

    If your complaint is considered grounds for compensation, we will always provide compensation in accordance with the guidelines based on decisions continually made by the General Complaints Board.

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