Environmental work at First Camp – a Green Key initiative

Green key is the leading international eco-label which is awarded to establishments in 52 countries today. It is recognised and is supported by the World Tourism Organisation and United Nationals Environmental Programme, UNEP.

A campsite with the Green Key label actively works to minimise its impact on the environment. For example, by ensuring strict environmentally friendly and sustainable methods such as sorting waste, reducing energy and water consumption, choosing eco-marked detergents and using locally produced and organically grown ingredients. In addition, the site also makes its guests aware of the requirements of the Green Key label status (read more at www.greenkey.se)

First Camps campsites are eco-labelled with Green Key. This means that you, as guest, helps to take responsibility for the environment since we follow the Green key environmental requirements. Our aim is that it should be done without compromising your experience or comfort with us.

Here are some examples of First Camp’s sustainability measures;

· We use eco-labeled cleaning products that are caring for both you and the environment. We use eco-labeled washing products.

· We work continuously to minimize water consumption, for example by using low-flow taps and toilets as well as water-efficient dishwashers and washing machines.

· We use only renewable electricity from wind and water, and we are also working to reduce energy consumption, for example by efficient heating systems such as heat pumps and the use of LED and CFLs.

· We are actively working to minimize waste as we sort out and recycle all paper, plastic, metal and glass.

· We have objectives to continually improve our environmental performance. Our staff are knowledgeable on how we can reduce our environmental impact and we also want to offer our guests the information and guidance on how to follow these principles during their stay with us.

You can also help us by being careful with sorting of your waste. Our campsite staff will be pleased to help you if you have questions about our environmental efforts or how you can further contribute to the work!